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How To Make A Shelter In The Woods

This Featured Video is by Dale Collett, an outdoor survival expert from the British Bushcraft School. Dale shows us the steps involved in building a debris hut shelter in the woods using ridges and dry leaves.

You might be asking yourself why would you need to do this and the answer should be pretty simple to anyone who is viewing this site. Shelter is actually the most important survival item you need when we are dealing with temperature.


There is a saying called the rule of threes and that is as follows:

  • You can live 3 weeks without food
  • You can live 3 days without water.
  • You can live 3 hours without shelter.
  • You can live 3 minutes without air.

Air and water and food make sense, but what do you mean 3 hours without shelter?

You’ve probably gone outside many times for over 3 hours and had no problems. That’s common, but what if you are stranded in the woods and the temperature drops to 40 degrees or colder and you have no way to heat yourself?

That’s when Hypothermia happens…

Knowing how to make a shelter can keep heat in or in warmer climates it can also keep you cooler by keeping the sun off you and causing the opposite effect of Hyperthermia.

Each can be deadly and it is important to know how to regulate your bodies core temperature to prevent succumbing to the effects.

Check out Dale’s tips for this simple to build shelter and join us again for other featured videos on The Prepper Journal.

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