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How To Pick A Good Hunting Knife

What makes a good hunting knife.  There are five basic aspects that are very important, steel that can hold an edge, type of build, handle fit and feel, shape and function of the blade and the carry sheath.

Lets look at each of these.

1) First, you need a good piece of steel.

The blade must hold and edge well and be durable. Quality damascus fits that requirement great. If you are in the market for a damascus knife know that, while it holds a great edge, it requires maintenance.

Damascus represents an art of design and a level of craftsmanship commitment that gets passed on to the owner.

how to pick the perfect hunting knife

The maintenance is not a big deal but if you know you are the type of guy who doesn’t appreciate your tools to that level you should go stainless.

If maintenance free is your goal there are a few stainless options. The most important thing, again, is to be sure you get one that holds an edge and is durable.

There are many stainless options on the market these days and while some are great, some are garbage. Remember, the point of stainless is less maintenance but you want to achieve that without much compromise of its blade function.

For my money, D2 tool steel is the best choice for a knife.

While it is just under being considered true stainless it needs very little care and will hold an edge like to other.

One draw back, some say, is that it is harder to sharpen than a cheaper steel and that is true, you must spend a little more time getting the edge.

But when you are in the field and need a knife to cut and finish the job it is your steel. Being able to sharpen the blade easily is a plus so stay away from multi-faceted edged blades.


2) Second, the knife should be a full tang.  Period.


3) Third, the handle has to have excellent hold-ability even when it is bloody, wet or covered in fat.

I prefer the timeless unfinished wooden handles.

However, they need to be maintained by oiling them once in a while. If not they will absorb blood etc and and they can dry out and crack over time.

Raw wood is in the same class as damascus so do some honest soul searching before committing to your knife purchase.

If you find you are a maintenance free guy new resin based materials, such as G10, are great. The benefits of G10 is it is impervious to liquids, stable and very durable. The cons is they are fairly unimpressive in looks.

Definitely function over form.

Different layering of G10 can create a unique and desirable look if you can find the product. KRYTON handles have good surface grip but it does absorb moisture.

When cleaning fish of butchering the blood and other fluids will absorb into the handle and eventually that can get nasty. The most important factor is control and that is achieved by a good hand fit to the handle.

An intentional ergonomic design that stays in place should be sought out.


4) Fourth, the shape of the blade will determine how it functions.

If you want an all purpose knife you will need a blade that is strong enough to separate joints yet has a tip that is nimble enough to fit in awkward places.

It is also needs to have some belly in the blade towards the tip of the knife for skinning. I would stay away from fad gut hooks, mostly rookies use them and they get in the way when butchering. They are also very hard to sharpen.

The people who like them do so for the look and not the function and I admit I have seen some cool looking gut hook knives but they ate not going with me in the field.

Also, you don’t want a blade that is too long. I find that anywhere between 5-8 inches in blade length works well for whitetail size game.


5) Another thing commonly overlooked is a good sheath.

Most modern hunters don’t wear there knives in the field. They throw them in their packs and pull them out when needed.

However, if you wear yours in the field be sure that sheath has a strap or at least be sure it holds the knife firmly in place.  Is sad to lose a $150 knife walking through the woods in the dark because you had a good knife resting in a poorly fitted sheath.

Follow these tips and you should end up with a knife that becomes a beneficial partner in the field for life.

Good luck and safe hunting this season from all of us at Bliss Knife Works.


20 Websites To Visit If You Want The Best Survival Gear

20 Sites for Survival Gear and Outdoor Enthusiasts

where to buy survival gear
For the avid survival enthusiast and the novice camper alike, proper equipment can make or break your outdoor experience in a hurry. Making sure you have quality equipment that’s built to last is a great start for planning any outdoor trip, be it camping, hunting, exploring, or even an afternoon of hiking.

One important thing to remember while preparing to go on a trek is to be prepared, but not be bogged down. Minimalist camping is a big trend for a reason with survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world figuring out just what it takes to get by and packing accordingly.

If you’re planning to go camping or just looking to get prepared for the next time you’d like to enjoy nature on a whim, here are 20 websites that offer a wide variety of survival products.

1. Has a Wide Range of Survival Gear

The folks over at have done a terrific job of providing an online marketplace catering to every need for the avid survivalist.

From military surplus to actual camping gear, they’ve compiled an enormous amount of equipment for anybody looking to do any outdoor activity.

They also offer coupons and discounts in their newsletter, so you can get email alerts for specific brands and products.

2. More Than Just Products at Off The Grid goes the extra mile in terms of survival gear.

They sell camping equipment and out door supplies, but they also put a strong emphasis on actual survival situations.

When it comes to outdoor activity, Off the Grid has a great selection of items for any emergency or survival experience.

They also offer how-to videos and blogs for a wide variety of situations.

3. The National Rifle Association’s Survival Selection

Fire starting kits, hand turbines for phone charging, and a myriad of other survival and home defense items are available at the

In addition to camping and outdoor gear, they also have a sister site at for hunting and self defense equipment including firearms.

4. Emphasis on Preparedness at Forge Survival Supply

While Forge Survival Supply has an online marketplace for different equipment, they also offer guides and survival tips for an enormous amount of situations.

Bug out bag check lists, blogs and email newsletters with survival information, and an easy to use website really make worth checking out.

5. A Community for Survivalists at Survival Cache

At you’ll find much more than just a marketplace selling goods.

They have an active community of survivalists, survival book reviews, and quite a few guides outlining the essentials of certain types of equipment.

They do have a great store as well, and combined with the knowledge to be gained is a terrific starting point for any outdoor enthusiast.

6. S.O.L. Focuses on The Little Things

Another website offering not just products but also learning resources, really does a great job of providing information.

They don’t just look at the basic equipment or focus on having the widest variety, but also at smaller items that many people may not consider.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your equipment in terms of efficiency and preparedness, S.O.L. is a good jumping off point.

7. Camping Survival Offers A Great Selection

A very large marketplace for survival gear, is an online store that focuses on selling equipment.

Great if you’re looking to compare brands and prices, they have a large array of items in quite a few different categories.

They don’t offer any other benefits like blogs or instructional videos, however.

8. Be Prepared to Survive With Information and Supplies

In addition to survival gear and outdoor activity items, puts a lot of focus on being ready to deal with any major catastrophe or emergency situation.

Providing instructional videos, books, and guides while also having an online store sets this website apart from quite a few others.

Learning how to use tools can make a significant difference in terms of surviving in the wild or during a major catastrophe.

9. Not Just Knives from Gerber

Gerber is known worldwide for their wide selection of high quality cutlery and blades, but they also sell varying types of survival equipment.

Small emergency kits and fire starting tools are just the tip of the iceberg at

They mostly offer tools small equipment, so if you’re looking for a one stop shop this might not be the best choice.

Don’t underestimate the quality of a good hatchet or skinning knife, however.

10. Recommendations from Gray Wolf Survival

While not a traditional marketplace, is a great resource for finding reviews and information.

If you’re serious about the equipment you’ll be using for a survival experience, Gray Wolf Survival can be a way to find out the ups and downs of products you may have been previously considering, as well as recommendations for gear you never thought of in the first place.

11. Survival Kits Ready To Go

Specializing in complete survival bags and bug out bags, really sticks to their name.

The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting the site are featured bug out bags that come fully stocked with everything you’d need, as well as blogs and tips for dealing with any emergency.

12. Independent Survivalist Gear at My Patriot Supply

Not a typical camping or survival goods store, puts emphasis on being self sufficient and prepared for any emergency situation.

With heirloom seeds for growing your own food and water filtration as a few examples, they’re determined to help customers be ready for anything.

13. Survival Life is Here To Teach

Reviews, how to guides, kits, product reviews, and an online store are just a few of the things has to offer.

For learning tips and tricks, there are few sites that provide as much information.

14. Bug Out Bags From The Ready Store

Another website specializing in survival kits and pre-packed bug out bags, has an enormous variety of different packages available.

No matter the emergency or outdoor situation you’re looking to cope with, you’ll be able to find guides and equipment here.

15. Tactical Gear at BrigadeQM

Less emphasis on outdoor survival equipment and more on tactical and hunting gear, offers a moderately wide selection of gear that leans more towards military surplus than survival.

16. Offering Both Gear and Information

While doesn’t have their own direct marketplace, they do provide reviews and guides on different products.

They also have direct breakdowns if you’d like to make your own bug out bags or survival kits.

17. Ideas Courtesy of The Red Cross

Not so much a market as it is a good place to figure out what you’d need in an emergency or survival scenario, really goes above and beyond in terms of how to make your own emergency kits.

They’ll help you figure out how you can make your own bug out bags with a lot of ‘just in case’ mentality while not overdoing it.

18. Military Surplus at US Cav

Another website that offers camping gear and military surplus alike, has a great store and not much else.

Any piece of survival equipment you can imagine is available here, and their prices are very fair.

19. Medical Supplies and Kits

At you’ll find some great medical equipment for emergency situations.

Ranging from single items to advanced medical packs, this website is very similar to other pre-made kit websites but with an emphasis on medical preparedness.

20. An Obvious Choice in Amazon

It would be disingenuous not to recommend for the more fiscally conscious outdoor enthusiasts. While there are countless sites offering guides, piles of equipment and premade kits, Amazon is one of the best resources for price comparing and reading item reviews.

Before you make any purchases, try to see if you can find the item on Amazon to see how the it’s held up in actual survival situations.

Any outdoor activity can be an exciting and rewarding experience, especially if you’ve packed well and with a bit of thought.

Putting consideration into consideration will help you save precious space, while research can show you a few neat tips or tricks that you may not have considered otherwise.


Top 20 Websites for Survivalists

We decided it would be a great idea to put together a top 20 list of the best websites for Survivalists. This is what we’ve come up with from our research and we wanted to provide you with the best information possible.

So here you are!


1. Graywolf Survival

– One of the most popular survivalist sites, Graywolfsurvival is informative and easy to navigate.

2. American Preppers Network

– This website caters to a wide range of preppers. From novices to seasoned survivalists, this site contains information for everybody, as well as a blog to help you pick up tips from other preppers.

3. The Prepper Journal

– This site is very thorough and has a wealth of information, particularly for those who don’t know where to begin. The attractive layout is an added bonus.

4. Sovereign Survival

– This site is particularly helpful for preppers with families, and is chock full of links to other resources across the web. Great for people at any experience level, particularly those with small children.

5. The Survival Mom

– While this site appears to cater to women, don’t let the name fool you! This site is great for beginners of all genders who want tips on organization, prepping food, and keeping your kids entertained in the event of a crisis.

6. Doom and Bloom –

– Doom and Bloom is both fun and informational –containing helpful articles as well as a radio channel where you can tune in and get helpful survivalist tips.

7. Off Grid Survival –

– While this site is not super heavy on tips for beginners, it is a wealth of knowledge in terms of related news stories and information on practical gear.

8. Survival Spot

– This site is attractive and well laid out, but is recommended for those who already have base-level knowledge; otherwise the high-tech advice could bury a beginner.

9. Prepping To Survive

– Where most prepping websites focus on disaster related preparedness, this one targets wilderness survival in general, and is great for the adventurer who wants to be ready in case of emergency.

10. Prepper Resources

– This resource is not only provides information on prepping basics and gun safety, it will also link you to other sites on the web that can expand your knowledge.

11. Survival Cache

– While it does contains articles on storing food and water, this site’s main focus is weaponry. While it may seem extreme to some, it is an often overlooked aspect of being prepared.

12. SGT Report 

– This website is less about active survival tips and more about the danger we are facing on a daily basis – however, it can be helpful to train yourself to know the warning signs of crisis.

13. The Prepared Ninja 

– A short, simple, and well-organized blog for those who understand the fundamentals, but need help with practical execution.

14. Authorized Boots –

– Authorized Boots is for all things related to Army boots and tactical gear. They provide their expertise as well as team’s insights to provide high quality reviews of your favorite army boots based on their experience, opinions, and relentless research to be a trusted source in your purchase journey.

15. The Organic Prepper

– This website is very beginner friendly, but also focuses more on an eco-friendly approach to survivalism. The blogger has several other sites that are related to prepping.

16. Backdoor Survival

– While this site is slightly more difficult to navigate, it has a wealth of in-depth preparation tips, particularly for those with large families and those who want tips on training their mind as well as their bug-out bags.

17. Survival Blog

– Where some sites are a little skimpy, this site has almost an overload of information; however, it is very organized, and has information that appeals to all level of prepper.

18. Survival MD –

– This website has the only complete medical field survival guide for the laymen…showing you how to treat yourself and loved ones in an emergency when doctors, pharmacies and hospitals are shut down.

19. Suburban Prepper

– Suburban prepper has a few tips for those who are a little more outdoors-y.

20. Blackout USA –

– This site is all about educating you about a threat so powerful it will wipe out 281 million Americans in the first year. And while NASA, the CIA and the Pentagon are warning us like crazy…no mainstream T.V. or radio outlet is talking about it.