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7 Habits of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness Part 2

Seven (More) Routines of People with Remarkable Mental Toughness

This is part 2 of the 7 Habits of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness series.

Part 3 is available here.

For one not to deviate from his/her set goals, working smart and taking failure as a stepping stone is very core and unavoidable. Persistence is a virtue, and it is what defines the people with high mental toughness thus high probability of succeeding in life more than others with very little or no mental toughness at all.
Mental Toughness
Mental toughness is the actual ability to persevere the daily temptations and remain on course for you to emerge successful in the future. This purely depends on your brain or mentality. Several people take success to be material wealth alone, but it extends beyond even to the classroom knowledge and other fields.Mark that one can gain material wealth through inheritance but if not well managed then others will say you are not successful.However, many tend to confuse mental toughness with bravery and this should not be the case as they are two diverse things.

Bravery is simply the ability to withstand shock while mental toughness centers in ability to persevere in order to have a successful life.

Having a priority and staying unshaken to achieve it no matter what comes along are some of the abilities that make one to emerge successful in life. The main question however, is how one can gain and maintain mental toughness that will lead to significant success in their lives.

Below is a list of seven routines/habits of people with remarkable mental toughness that make them successful in life.

1. Taking failure as a stepping stone
Failure is part of life and one should not spend his/her entire life regretting about one. You should be more interested on what next and actually let the failure be a platform of greater achievements on your next step or activity.

Even if you spend time regretting /criticizing failure, you cannot make any change on it and the best way is to let it pave way for the next thing and ensure the other does not end up in a failure. If you take failure as an obstacle then you will completely ‘die’ and never find a chance to wake up again.
Even for a child to walk, he or she stumbles and stands up several times until one day they are actually able to walk upright without any difficulty.

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An example is Ben Carson (famous neurosurgeon) who never gave up when adding one plus one was proving difficult in class and used the opportunity to get to the top medical career and even become a worldwide figure/celebrity.
2. Perceive and Believe
Every successful plan starts from perception then having a strong belief in it. Remember not all people mean good for you and especially those who tried a specific thing and gave up on failing. 

They will always tell you everything that make your dream or target look like flying without wings but try to maintain that strong belief that you can actually do it no matter what.

People with remarkable mental toughness never let other people’s words make their faith in particular fields look worthiness at all. An advice under this is that you should only pick what is important from several people you interact with and let those that do not help you realize your dream go away. This will help you stick to your dream and work most to achieve it without being lured by other peoples view or perceptions.
3. Work hard and smart
It is not easy to maintain working hard and smart always in particular fields so that you succeed in whatever you do. People with remarkable mental toughness makes hard work a virtue in life no matter what happens at any specific time.The truth about success is that you reap what you sow and if you work hard then reward automatically awaits you.
Working hard and working smart are two different things and smart is always a better option but if it does not apply for your case then work hard and you will still emerge successful .
The main difference between the two is that working smart does not involve straining as working hard. You should always keep yourself busy doing something constructive as an idle mind is the devils workshop.
Avoiding idleness ensures you remain on track and achieve your goal with ease.
While others are still a sleep, those with remarkable mental toughness are already in a new day and out to achieve their best through hard work.
4. Help and Seek help as well
Remember no man is an island. This means that one cannot know or have everything and must always be willing to ask for help when necessary, as this is a major road to success in all disciplines. When someone needs your help, you must also be willing to give without fear or favor.Helping gives you ability to advance by knowing more hence a suitable prosperity pillar. If somebody provides you with appropriate help, receive it willingly and with maximum joy that shows you actually appreciate.
This is a secret behind people with strong or remarkable mental toughness and it greatly contributes to their success in life.
Recognize that a single paddle cannot row a boat over a long distant and you will be extremely successful in your field as you get new ideas that improve your mental toughness strength thus enhancing chances of successful life.P_culture_yellow
5. Ability to manage emotions
One must experience difficulty or frustration at one time in any field on his/her way to success and lack of this is considered abnormal.Emotions can destroy something that you have taken a century to build just in a second. Emotions lower the level of an individual performance as well as increase of mental torture that can result to ill health and even cause death.

People with remarkable mental toughness always try or do their best to keep out emotions from destroying their paths to success. This ability enables them to advance quickly and achieve what they desire.
You should try to keep your emotions away as possible and that successful life will become a reality within a spur of a moment. If every party to your success let emotions take over them then success will be unachievable, so let yours not control your decisions and reactions.
6. Stay optimistic
The road to success is always very narrow and full of challenges. It is only when you stay optimistic about achieving is when you can go down this road easily.
Many people with great mental toughness are very optimistic even if things seem not to favor them and this actually turns everything around and they end up being successful.
However, you should note that being over optimistic is not also advisable as it can cause serious damage at the end of the road. Try your level best to avoid being pessimistic as it is an enemy of success in whatever field you are in.
A good example is Angelina Jolie’s movies where she always looks forward to something good happening even if she seems to be between rocks.
7. Prepare always
The last habit of the people with great mental toughness is constant preparation. Even if it is sitting for examinations, presentation in a business meeting or performing a song before a crowd among other fields, constant and adequate preparation is the way out.Do not give up adequate preparation even if your time is almost up since it is the only appropriate way for your desired success to come true.
Pick anyone outside there that you regard or consider successful and go deep into his or her life and you will not miss this aspect of thorough preparation in his or her activities.
Confidence boosts everyone’s morale for any activity that he/she undertakes and this is only possible if you prepare adequately.
This is the perfect argument behind students who feel extremely comfortable and courageous if they have read enough for the exams as opposed to their counterparts who shake and feeble at the mention of a forthcoming examination.
Constantly prepare for the forthcoming exercise or activity and you will emerge successful in every aspect you desire.
If you do not have any of the above qualities, worry not as no one is not always born with everything and the most important thing is that you can acquire them if you have a desire to be successful in life.
What you need is simply to read them and start putting each into practice and you will eventually achieve the amount of success you dream of in your particular field.
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