5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Have The Hardest Time Finding Love


You tend to be a little too analytical.

Theres more to a partner than sex organs that go well together, and smart people are all too aware of the fact. They often analyze the crap out of their dates. They wonder about their future, the best way to cultivate romance, and are obsessed with finding the right person. This isnt exactly a bad thing.

They know its better to be alone than with the wrong partner.

And theres no shame in that either. Smart people are so dead set on finding the right partner that theyll abstain all together if necessary.

They are aware that relationships often end.

This isnt exactly a cynical thing. They just know the brutal truth is that most relationships wont work out. As a result, they sometimes take things a little too slow and have trouble committing. But the right partner will understand that.

Smart people tend to be intimidating.

Its not just that smart people are intimidating to dumb-dumbs, but to other intelligent people as well. They might be uncomfortable with the fact that you excel in areas of life they dont. You may also experience that concern, leaving you a little uncomfortable.

You know to protect yourself.

The sharper people in this world are often keenly aware of the danger in any given situation, and that includes dating. They play it cool, cautious, and tend to put up barriers to protect themselves.